Evolution X


What is the Evolution X Toolbox?

The Evolution X toolbox is a revolutionary tool storage system that has been designed to make tool management easier and more efficient than ever before. This innovative toolbox is connected to a tablet and requires users to sign in to access and check out the tools. The system is also connected to an online store, which makes it easy to order replacements for lost or damaged tools.

Evolution X Toolbox



Secure and
Controlled Access

The Evolution X toolbox offers a secure and controlled access system. Users are required to sign in to the connected tablet in order to access the tools. By knowing who has access to each tool, it becomes easier to track tool usage and accountability.


Tool Tracking

With the Evolution X toolbox, you can always know the location of your tools in real-time. The connected tablet provides an overview of all the tools stored in the toolbox, along with their designated drawers. The toolbox keeps track of which tools are in use and who has borrowed them, facilitating efficient tool management.

Online Store

The Evolution X toolbox integrates with an online store, making tool replacement and replenishment a breeze. If a tool goes missing or gets damaged, users can easily log in to the online store through the connected tablet. From there, they can select the specific tool they need to replace and place an order.




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